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    Gidimo Program has been gifting MTN customers complimentary data for more than a calendar year now when I’m not confused, if they launched this task , they basically gave out 150MB absolutely free data into most MTN customers that down load and register their app. After assessing not too long ago, I only discovered they reward their clients with 200MB free information, to activate yours, click on here.

    The Amazing news is you could get more than the 200MB information you’re trying to become from Gidimo, Can I say 200MB data? You can even obtain significantly more than 400MB, 1GB totally free data to a MTN SIM card in Gidimo program, to attain this feat, attentively comply with the measures I’m planning to record out the following.

    The best way to Receive a lot more than 400MB totally free data onto MTN with Gidimo program

    Download GIDIMO program here

    Log in Or sign up with the MTN quantity you would want to use to find the info

    Harness the SUBSCRIBE button at the top. Select STANDARD PLAN and tap SUBSCRIBE.

    Harness HAVE A GIDIMO CODE? Type-in MTN2020gidimo subsequently tap on the LOAD button

    Do not Choose any payment selection, close it and return to the most important page

    Exit that the App and launching it

    You Have to observe a pop up telling telling you that you have 1GB information. Deliver it to the MTN SIM card that you used in registering.

    This can be The first step to accessing 1GB free information, in the event that you are new into the program, you should also get 200MB totally free data. The very fantastic news is that Gidimo comes with a referral program and also this referral app provides you 400MB free data once you invite a buddy to subscribe to Gidimo SSP.

    The way to Accumulate the information

    Today, Invite as many folks as possible using your personal one of a kind referral link, you can get yours by clicking on the word; Get 400MB when a friend you encouraged subscribes to gidimo SSP. When you just click , you will be exhibited a menu using a set of options to share with your own link , the very best anyone to decide on would be Copy to Clipboard.

    Later Copying the connection, tell your good friend about the app and tell them to follow the method in the above list you ought to get 400MB when they stick to through the task and they ought to get 1GB free data for after the procedure.

    The last Thing I would like to tell you is it might well not do the job for you in the event that you overlook a Measure and also we believe that is actually a glitch out of the program which may possibly be fixed soon Enough so catch your very own absolutely free data today before it has got blocked. The info delivered to Your MTN SIM card out of Gidimo app can last for 2 weeks, inch week. You can dial up ∗460∗260# to assess your info balance. In case You face any matter with getting the very own absolutely free data, don’t hesitate to lose a comment Under.

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